About Me:

Alireza Noori
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Software developer

I’m professionally familiar with:
Desktop: C# (Winforms, WPF), C++, Pascal, Java and VB
Web: PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML

About this blog:

This is my personal blog and here I post about all kinds of stuff, sometimes related to computer and development.

The main audience of this weblog is software developers or the people interested in subjects related to computer science, IT, Internet or mobile phones. However, there may be some posts that may seem interesting to other folks.

You may filter the posts by choosing the category that you find interesting from the right panel of the blog, or use the search feature of the blog.

About blog’s name:

A bit (contraction of binary digit) is the basic unit of information in computing and telecommunications. By 1b1t (One bit) I’m trying to imply that I’m just one bit in this universe and this blog just reflects what I think and how I feel. In other words it’s just about ME!