2 comments on “3.Prevent getting your Facebook account from getting “hacked”

  1. One thing you failed to mention is taking advantage of the two-factor authentication which is dubbed Login Approvals. If you opt into Login Approvals, you will have to “Confirm your phone”. You would receive a text message with a specific code to be entered into the system. If you don’t want to do this every single time, you can designate your smartphone, PC, or tablet as a trusted device and they will allow you to telesign in without the text code. Should an attempt to login from an unrecognized device happen, it would not be allowed.

    • Thanks for the input. You are completely right. However, I was planning to discuss this on the 4th part of the article, along with some other Facebook features, available on other websites. You know, this feature is getting popular and is available on other websites too (such as Gmail). Please read the 4th part of the series (when it becomes available) and see if anything is missing from there too. I would very much appreciate it 😉

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